The lessor delivers the ordered items at the lessee's stand, cf. the order made on this web site; if the delivered items do not correspond to the ordered items, the lessee must, immediately upon arrival at the stand, inform the lessor on this so that the lessor can correct the error. If the lessee does not inform the lessor on any deficiencies discovered immediately upon arrival, the lessor will be entitled to payment for the entire order, cf. to the order confirmation from this web page.


Once the lessor has delivered the items to the stand and the lessor can pick up the items, the responsibility for these items will pass to the lessee. The items must always be returned in their initial condition.


The lessee is not entitled to sublet the items to third parties without the written consent of the lessor.  


If the duration of the lease will be extended due to circumstances that are not falling within the responsibilities of the lessor, an additional rent will be charged along with the shipping costs, if applicable.


If the delivered item is faulty or defective, the lessor must try to correct this. If the lessor cannot correct the error, the lessee must receive refund of the full rent.


In case of disagreement on whether the item is faulty or not, the lessor must assess whether the customer is entitled to compensation. The lessor must not be held responsible for any amount of compensation other than the costs of the item. And must not be held responsible for any costs incurred by the lessee. 


The lessee must treat the rented items properly and must never screw or paint it. Upon delivery, the lessee must check that the item is in cleaned condition and that this is delivered in the same condition to the stand.


The lessee will be financially responsible for the costs to be paid by the lessor in connection with the cleaning, repairs and transportation due to damages incurred during the rental period.


The lessee is entitled to cancel the ordered items within a period of 5 days after the order has been made, except for the items from the following categories (concept stands, text for fascia board, print-outs on the friezes, and advertising profiles).


When ordering items from other suppliers, such as: Parking, meals, internet, accommodation etc., the order cannot be cancelled. Always call and ask the lessor if in doubt. 


Any dispute will be brought to the court in Sønderborg/Denmark.