General information for exhibitors



Stand requirements

  • A trade fair/exhibition is covered by the Danish Emergency Management Act Chap. 7 §35 and 36, together with the associated operational regulations. The Fire Service must therefore approve the exhibition, and the instructions and orders of the Fire Inspector must be complied with at all times.
  • Stands and exhibits installed shall be made of non-combustible or fire resistant materials. Fabrics etc. (e.g. banners and roll-ups) must be impregnated with fire retardant or subject to more specific approval. Floor covering must be compliant with KL G as a minimum. The organiser – and hence the individual stand holders – are required and obliged to provide all approvals and clearances. The authorities may be expected to withhold approval for the installation of a stand that is unable to present all approvals and clearances.
  • Open fire, including gas, may not be used.
  • Special permission must be obtained for the use of cars in the display. If there are cars on the stand, the keys must remain the car. A maximum of 5 litres of fuel is permitted in the cars.


Clearance and cleaning

  • All stand material must be removed individually by the end of the trade fair at the latest. 
  • Stand materials that are not removed will be removed by Compass Fairs at a price of DKK 3,000 per stand, which will be invoiced to the individual exhibitor.
  • Any stickers, posters etc. that are put up shall be taken down, and tape on the floor etc. must be removed. Only marking tape that does not leave glue residue may be used. Any glue residues remaining will be removed and cleaning will be charged on the basis of list prices. Any re-varnishing of the floor in the hall occasioned by glue residues will be charged on the basis of the list price and the invoice will be sent to the organiser/exhibitor.


Missing fixtures


  • Any fixtures belonging to the exhibition area that are found to have been removed or damaged shall be replaced or indemnified by Company name.


Special requirements

  • For the hanging of banners please contact the responsible coordinator at Compass Fairs on 0045 74 62 94 40 and refer to the exhibit in question.
  • In the event of other requirements please contact the responsible coordinator on 0045 74 62 94 40 and refer to the exhibit in question.